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The Power of Meditation Brings Business Clarity

Mike Parker works with executives, management, and rising talent to help them optimize their brain and mind to be creative, productive and fully present in all areas of their lives. Mike’s approach to executive coaching is founded on a wide range of studies and is complemented by knowledge of human nature gained through global experience and applied practice.

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#386 Mobile Technology Guide for Small Business, HeadTrash in the Way of Your Success, and a Law App that Replaces the Professionals

Tish Squillaro talks with Barry Moltz about Headtrash. There is a lot of junk that stands between you and your business success and most that junk it actually inside your own head. We are going to show how to get past all that negative emotion and not let it stand in the way of your success.

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HeadTrash 2, authored by Tish Squillaro

The new HeadTrash book is available for purchase!

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Women to Watch

Tish Squillaro is featured regularly on “Women to Watch”

Women to Watch™ Media, LLC is a live radio talk show that reveals the personal stories behind some of the most celebrated and influential women in the Philadelphia area and around the world. Host Susan Rocco provides a platform for women to open up in order to inspire other women to pursue leadership roles in their own industries. Tune in every Monday at 3 pm ET to WWDB Talk 860 and live streamed from to be inspired!

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CANDOR Services

Unlike the traditional consulting company, we don’t just offer theory and advice.

And we don’t just work on assumptions. We collaborate with you and immerse ourselves in your business, using state-of-the-art analytical tools to identify trends, capture operational insights and understand what your current people assets are in executive management, sales and operations. This is what gives us the insight we need to create a strategy that fits the reality of your business.

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Service Spotlight

Cultural Road Map — Creating a company culture through defining values

Every company has a choice – they can be active and determine what culture will permeate the organization, or they can be passive and simply let a culture happen. With our Culture Road Map, you and your executive team will be able to get a glimpse at your current culture, design the culture you want and build a plan to ensure the culture gets adopted.

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