The 5 Growing Pains That Stop Your Company From Scaling

We often hear the term “growing pains” as a catch-all phrase designed to encapsulate all the challenges faced when starting a company. But, ask any entrepreneur, business owner, or company executive, and most cannot define the actual pain points preventing them from achieving optimal growth.

HeadTrash: Clearing the Junk in Your Head That’s Holding You Back

A crucial part of adaptability and growth is self-awareness. How can you recognize potential roadblocks and weaknesses in your own behavior, and, more importantly, how can you correct them before they negatively impact your business, career, and the people around you?

Why Team Alignment Matters for Strategic Planning

It’s the time of year once again for leadership teams to establish the company’s direction and budget for the upcoming year in a focused strategic action planning session (also known as StrAP).