Interview with Gunter Pfau, CEO & Founder of Stuzo: The Positive Effects of Team Chemistry

Tish had an enlightening discussion with Gunter Pfau, CEO and Founder of Stuzo, and also a CANDOR client. He is the visionary who created a software company to help retail companies create successful loyalty and consumer engagement programs. In this interview, Gunter talks with Tish about the importance team chemistry has played in guiding the direction of his company.

They share some real-world examples of how Stuzo has been able to: 

  • Focus on team chemistry as a way of working together effectively
  • Enable team members to best leverage each other’s strengths
  • Support the things that may be more difficult for each other
  • Create an environment and a way of working that empowers them to be able to understand their natural thought patterns and behavioral tendencies
  • Relate better to those around them
Gunter offers his thoughts on how he created team chemistry successfully by making the conscious choice to be purposeful, and make it a core strategic focus of the business. He’s found that they way they work together is their number one competitive advantage, making everything else better as a result.

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The belief that keeping a tight rein on every aspect of the business will ensure its long-term success. This belief is a fallacy because as the business grows, it is impossible for one leader to do it all- it’s impractical, it’s unsustainable, and it’s certainly no way to scale your business for growth.

Control triggers other types of Headtrash (insecurity, paranoia, fear) in a leader’s colleagues. With limited opportunity to express their talents, employees may start to doubt themselves. “Why doesn’t my boss think I can handle this? There must be something I’m not doing right.”

Passive aggressiveness and micro-management are two of the very common forms of the HeadTrash of Control.