is a top-rated executive leadership and team dynamics speaker and keynote presenter.

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Her approach to optimizing people dynamics is rooted in experience-based wisdom, scientific validation, and real-world consulting experience. She combines a clear, methodical framework with a warm, engaging style, using stories and gentle humor to create a memorable learning experience.

Award-winning author

Smart CEO Philadelphia BRAVA award winner

Guest speaker on radio and TV

Consultant and confidant to both global Fortune 500s and startups

What Attendees Are Saying

“Tish helped me understand myself and my team in a new light.”

“Tish was one of the best speakers to talk for our group, engaging, witty, and so insightful. We’d love to have her back again!”

“I felt like she read my mind. Is she in my head?”

“Hearing Tish speak gives me hope! I’m inspired to take action and make changes.”

Sessions, Keynotes and Workshops

Focusing on the unique needs of your business, we provide a custom solution for each client. Through interactive sessions and workshops, we empower leaders and teams to make the right decisions for the health and success of their business.

We’re  there to be a guide for your organization, especially during challenging decisions and conversations. These programs provide an interactive, focused way to get aligned on the concepts, with a clear plan to put them into action.


Based on the principles in her book, Tish teaches how to be a more effective leader through optimized decision-making.


How to analyze and assess behaviors to optimize individual and team performance.


Self-awareness and emotional intelligence strategies to improve customer relationships and results.


Team building workshops & strategy off-sites for local, global and remote group.


Based on your needs, we can create a custom presentation or workshop suited for your audience and topic.

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