what We Do

management Consulting Services

CANDOR supports companies as they scale, working with first-time CEOs or seasoned leaders. We also partner with  investors and advisors to accelerate the growth of their portfolio companies.

Executive Leadership Advisory

Results-oriented leadership coaching with a focus on self-awareness, behavioral management and decision making.

Organizational Design Strategy

Developing the right teams to align with business goals and integrating them into company culture, online and offline.

Multicultural alignment

Improve cross-cultural team dynamics and communication by uncovering and optimizing cultural differences to enhance working relationships.

Private Equity Advisory

It’s said that VCs invest in people, not ideas. We help with due diligence pre-investment, as well as providing support and coaching to portfolio companies so their great ideas have the best opportunity to succeed.

M&A Advisory

Whenever two organizations become one, there are immediate issues of synthesizing culture, process, and leadership styles. We help navigate this challenging phase with proven methods of aligning and optimizing teams.

High-Risk Business Mediation

Conflict resolution for high-risk, business-threatening challenges among founders, business partners, competitors, employees, vendors or customers.

Team Alignment Strategy & Coaching

Breaking down barriers and analyzing team dynamics, strengths and opportunities to build high-performing teams.

Onboarding strategies

We help ensure new hires are getting the best start, so they can deliver meaningful results sooner and synergize with the existing team.

Learning & Development Programs

Fuel the continued growth of your business with strategies that support employee development and retention.

Why Work With Candor?
The Proof Is in the Results.

The belief that keeping a tight rein on every aspect of the business will ensure its long-term success. This belief is a fallacy because as the business grows, it is impossible for one leader to do it all- it’s impractical, it’s unsustainable, and it’s certainly no way to scale your business for growth.

Control triggers other types of Headtrash (insecurity, paranoia, fear) in a leader’s colleagues. With limited opportunity to express their talents, employees may start to doubt themselves. “Why doesn’t my boss think I can handle this? There must be something I’m not doing right.”

Passive aggressiveness and micro-management are two of the very common forms of the HeadTrash of Control.