People Strategies for Multicultural Companies

Business success relies on clear effective communication. However, not every culture communicates the same way.

In today’s landscape, quality talent can be based anywhere, and technology has truly made it a small world.

CANDOR builds more effective teams by breaking down communication barriers through an understanding of cultural communication styles.

"Tish is a great sounding board for anything organization-related, and has been a huge help with bridging the cultural gap between team members from Israel, Britain, the United States, and more."
Ran Sarig, CEO, Datarama
Organizational Experience

Science of
Behavioral Tendencies

If you are dealing with any of these situations, or something similar, we can help. CANDOR combines the science of behavioral metrics with real-world organizational experience that helps companies like yours succeed in this global economy.

Schedule an initial no-obligation consultation, and let’s explore the challenges you are facing right now, and discuss possible solutions to help your company not only survive, but thrive.

Why Work With Candor?
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The belief that keeping a tight rein on every aspect of the business will ensure its long-term success. This belief is a fallacy because as the business grows, it is impossible for one leader to do it all- it’s impractical, it’s unsustainable, and it’s certainly no way to scale your business for growth.

Control triggers other types of Headtrash (insecurity, paranoia, fear) in a leader’s colleagues. With limited opportunity to express their talents, employees may start to doubt themselves. “Why doesn’t my boss think I can handle this? There must be something I’m not doing right.”

Passive aggressiveness and micro-management are two of the very common forms of the HeadTrash of Control.