learning & Development programs

We empower leaders and teams to make the right decisions for the health and success of their business. By uncovering the root causes of business challenges, we can address them with clear, long-term, results-oriented solutions. These workshop sessions provide you and your team with an interactive, focused way to get aligned on the concepts, with a clear plan to put them into action.

Understanding and Building Team Dynamics

This foundational workshop introduces you and your team to a scientific business tool that provides a measurable method for understanding human behaviors. It provides valuable insights for communicating with your team, helping them understand and appreciate each other, and giving you a clear view of your own behavioral style.

After completing the initial Team Dynamics session, it’s time to put this new awareness to work. These programs provide a practical, real-world perspective that deepen and reinforce your business and communication skills, leading to improved outcomes and increased employee engagement.


A team is only a team when they are working together towards common objectives. Based on the specific behavioral styles of your team, learn how everyone can collaborate more effectively to generate significant results.

Delivering Effective feedback

Things don’t always go as planned. When they don’t, it may be time to offer feedback. Too often, though, this communication can feel uncomfortable, risky, or is avoided completely. In this session, we teach a proven 3-step process for delivering feedback, mapped to the specific behavioral styles that work best for you and your team.

Communication Channels
for Business

Should it be a chat message, an email, a phone call, a video, or a meeting? With so many possibilities now available, it’s more important than ever to communicate your ideas with excellence. It can be challenging to know which is the best method for which purpose. In this timely session, we explore modern communication strategies that are effective, well-received and create the intended results.

Problem Solving Frameworks

When problems arise, chaos can follow. Learn how to regain control and set a new course with our seven step framework to process any problem. We explore how to use your new communication skills to empower the team to overcome challenges and implement solutions.

Dynamic Goal Setting

Goal setting is essential, though it’s not a one-time exercise. Learn the Know-Plan-Act methodology for creating goals that are aligned with your organization, have a realistic journey towards completion, and provide feedback and motivation along the way for your team.

The Art of Negotiating

Use the science of behavioral styles to create win-win outcomes in the art of negotiating. We cover
preparation, information exchange, bargaining, agreement, follow up, and more.

Modern time management

Modern Time Management Take your time management process to a whole new level through the lens of behavioral self-awareness. Managers learn how to effectively handle key skills such as delegation, daily routines, and creating segments for deep work.


Through technology advances and evolutions in work styles, the virtual meeting is here to stay. Now that it is a regular part of organizational life, we help teams create structure, expectations, and effective communication strategies so all participants can get maximum value during the experience.

Roadmap to IDP Success

We help organizations create effective Individual Development Plans (IDP) for their employees. We work with you to create a formal document that helps your people set goals and expectations, building a roadmap of activities and timelines to measure progress.