Human Capital Innovations (HCI): Counteracting the Negative Thought Patterns That hinder Good Decision Making

Dr. Jonathan H. Westover is an award-winning international best selling author on organizational culture and the future of global work, and is a professor of Organizational Leadership. He interviews Tish Squillaro about counteracting the negative thought patterns that hinder good decision making.

Some of the topics Tish covers are:

  • The concept of “HeadTrash”, which is any pattern of self-defeating feelings and thoughts that leads you into trouble and keeps you stuck there.

  • How fear, insecurity, control, paranoia, arrogance, anger and guilt affect decision making.

  • How guilt specifically can keep managers from making tough decisions, including promoting team members who don’t deserve it, or keeping people in roles they shouldn’t be in.

  • How not controlling emotions can cause bad decisions for the business because it’s easier not to have the tough conversation, which can result in attrition.

  • The importance of team chemistry for companies to scale.

The belief that keeping a tight rein on every aspect of the business will ensure its long-term success. This belief is a fallacy because as the business grows, it is impossible for one leader to do it all- it’s impractical, it’s unsustainable, and it’s certainly no way to scale your business for growth.

Control triggers other types of Headtrash (insecurity, paranoia, fear) in a leader’s colleagues. With limited opportunity to express their talents, employees may start to doubt themselves. “Why doesn’t my boss think I can handle this? There must be something I’m not doing right.”

Passive aggressiveness and micro-management are two of the very common forms of the HeadTrash of Control.